About OuiMarket4U

Our Experience

After 30 years selling products, services and solutions for various companies, we decided to offer our services on a consulting basis. Whether you're a start up or an established business we will evaluate your program and offer the best way to ramp up sales and generate profits. 

Our Approach

First we look at what you're currently doing to bring in sales, then we suggest subtle ways to improve on your process. We look at where the market is growing, and direct your company to compete in that market. We can do an analysis where we look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). It is amazing what you can learn about your own company!

Why OuiMarke4U?

You want to grow, you believe there's a fit for your new product, service or solution and you need someone to do the legwork! If you need a team that is self motivated, requires little hand holding and is all about making you money, then we are the team for you!

Some of our recent clients